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About Lauren

There are few terms that can more accurately sum up Lauren Spencer Smith than ‘small but mighty.’ Behind that beautiful, 16-year-old exterior is a powerful voice cultivated over many years, ready to shake the world to its core.

Although she was born in Portsmouth, England, Lauren is a Canadian at heart. At just three years old, her family made their way to the True North, moving to Port Alberni on Vancouver Island. Her family was in no way musically-oriented, but Lauren was drawn to the call of music nonetheless.

At this early age, she was singing along to the radio constantly, memorizing the lyrics and growing her voice. Lauren would sing just about everywhere, including her elementary school bathroom… the acoustics, she claims, were nice!

Lauren’s school would also be one of her first platforms for performing. By age five, she involved herself in school talent shows as a singer, demonstrating to peers and teachers alike her confidence and capabilities. At age eight, her parents bought her a Hannah Montana karaoke machine which really allowed her to develop her craft at home. It was around this time that she had begun entering in singing competitions, uploading her performance to her YouTube channel for the world to see.

Lauren’s music tastes gravitate towards pop ballads, and more specifically, Adele. The artist has been her idol ever since Lauren first heard her during one of her many radio sing-alongs.

“Every single one of her songs is genuine,” said Lauren. “The way she performs is emotional and raw — she’s just herself. A lot of artists in this industry aren’t like that anymore, but with Adele, it’s usually just a piano and her voice. That’s the kind of singer I strive to be.”

Lauren’s early teen years began tumultuously as they so often do. Her upbringing taught her how to be independent at a young age, but she soon found herself working five days a week on top of school in order to help out around home. She was juggling news station interviews at night and newspaper interviews while on the city bus in-between her responsibilities — not to mention desperately trying to find time for her quickly developing music career.

2019 acted as a turning point for Lauren. A crucial moment came in the form of her first viral video on April 1 of that year. The karaoke machine from all those years ago cemented a love and talent for song covers, and the YouTube video of Lauren Spencer-Smith singing Lady Gaga’s Always Remember Us This Way in her dad’s car took the internet by storm. She now had the choice to either truly answer the call to music, or leave it behind as just another hobby.

It was then that Lauren Spencer-Smith made the decision to quit her job.

“Work was the biggest struggle throughout this time,” she said. “I think I was totally capable because of the way I grew up, but now that I don’t have a job, I get to be one hundred percent focused on my music — one hundred percent focused on what I really love to do.”

This newly-found focus allowed her to work quickly. On Nov. 19, 2019, Lauren released her hit single — her cover of Someone You Loved by Lewis Capaldi which soon went viral just like her video had. Both covers have reached millions of viewers and listeners as of today.

Outside of her music, Lauren is content just hanging out with her friends and catching a movie. She exudes a positive, high energy towards everyone she meets. Reflecting her small-town beginnings, she keeps Vancouver’s values alive in her unmistakable friendliness.

Lauren Spencer-Smith now lives in Nanaimo, B.C. with her mom, who she says is one of her greatest supporters. Encouraging her since day one, she is the one Lauren goes to for advice on what to wear, what to sing — she even helps out making videos!

When asked what she loves most about what she does, Lauren said it is hard to put into words.

“I love that my voice, my music, my performing has the ability to inspire others,” she said. “Whether it be that people just love the songs, or maybe they’re going through a personal issue, being able to lift spirits is indescribable. A lot of people message me saying, ‘Your music helped me get through this.’ I love that I can make people feel happy, encouraged and inspired!”